Suckers & Scavengers

First I would like to say thank you to Kanoe for having her camera, taking the pictures and already blogging it so I would not forget it and blog it myself. It is great to have bloggers who make it easier for me. One night while we were outside at Stephen's parents house listening to the BYU game, all the babies decided to get suckers out from Grandma's medicine cabinet. Hudson loves suckers and while I hate the mess it is so hard to say no to his super excited face, especially when the other babies have them too. So all 4 babies were walking around with their binkies in hand, after Hudson finished his he went searching around for those ones that had been dropped so he could enjoy more.

Since the kids had eaten yet when Grandpa David came out with a bowl of spagetti it was a mad dash over to him the 4 Scavengers were climbing up his leg for the next bite. I doubt he got any.