Last weekend at the last minute we decided to drive up to Vegas to see Lee's Tournament game against UNLV. What I love about road trips no matter how big or small are the things that happen that you remember forever. Jon and Summer drove up with us Sat. morning, it was a pretty fun ride except for the fact that Stephen told me it only took 3-4 hours to get there so the ride up seemed super long to me since it is more like a 6 hour drive. When we got there we were STARVING, and I have this rule about not eating at places that I could go to at home ( it doesn't always work but I try) so we were going to meet the rest of the family for lunch but they were eating at some buffet that cost $21 and we were wanting to save our money for Lawry's that night. So we drove around forever and finally decided on a sandwhich shop that only Stephen ended up liking. Oh Well! Then it was off to the game, I love watching games in person they are so much more exciting, even if there are drunk UNLV fans waving mean signs at you and turning around and yelling at us everytime they scored. We lost but the aftermath was the real excitement with the fights and crazy crowd control it made for some good stories. After the game we headed back to the hotel, we were supposed to go to Lawry's but Lee wanted to go to Chilli's and since everyone wanted to see him we all went. After dinner we picked up an air matress so we could bunk with the family without getting our own room and then a few of us headed down to the tables for a little light gambling, none for me I was there to make sure Stephen didn't loose. He of course thought I was bringing him down and that is why he didn't win a ton. But at least we came out ahead even with me as a Debbie Downer. That night we shared a fairly large room with Stephen's parents, Jon and Summer, Parker and us it was quite the sight, the tight quarters and air matress wasn't the problem though it was the fact that far too many of them are SNORERS, and I can not handle that luckily I was so tired that I slept pretty good considering. The next morning we headed straight home, just after we left the Hoover Damn we ran into snow it was incredible, we of course got out to play. The rest of the ride went by pretty fast, good thing to I was so anxious to see the boys, it was the first time I had been away from Hudson.

Hoover Damn

This is a snowball that stuck on Summer
Summer, me and Syd


Mary Ann said...

So fun! what a good get away.. and snow.. that's great! you are adorable!!

Suzanne Cummard said...

I think you skipped some parts!

Did Cheryl know about the gambling?

If Lance plays cards with his friends - Cheryl has a COW... but if the others do it, she usually doesn't say anything.
I'll never fully understand that.
Love Cheryl- so oh well.