Zoo Day

Da Boys
Jackson getting his fish food
Perfect setup
He bites
And Soaked!!!!!

For their last fieldtrip of the year Jack's class went to the Zoo. This trip was the first time we ever went to Sting Ray Bay. I didn't even know that it existed. Jackson LOVED it! He wasn't scared a bit, they let you feed the stingray's which he was all about. You get a little fish stick it in your hand then put it all the way under the water, then a stingray comes by and sucks it up. If that doesn't feel crazy enough they also make a huge splash at the same time and Jack got SOAKED. But he loved every minute of it. We had a great time, I don't think I have ever been to the zoo when it was that quiet, no one was there. It was so much nicer and the weather was also great. 



This year J has done preschool at his Grandma C's school. It is about 7 times that they go. He loved going since all the cousins his age go as well. They had their graduation ceremony last week and it was so great. Every child got to stand up on a chair while to receive their diploma while one of the student teachers read some a questionare they had filled out.

  1. Favorite Color? Orange
  2. Favorite Candy Bar? Snickers
  3. Favorite Animal? Lizard
  4. Favorite T.V. Show? Pokemon
  5. Favorite thing to do? Play on the trampoline
  6. Favorite thing to do at preschool? Play
  7. If you were the boss of everybody you'd make them? Whatever they want
  8. Number of people in your family? 4


Happy Birthday Jill

My dear friend Jill turns 26 today! We have been friends since we were kids and have been through so much together we even got Married a couple of weeks apart had our first baby boys 6 weeks apart and now are having our 3rd child a couple of months apart. I am so glad we have so much to share. She just had her 3rd Baby Ronan a few days ago. We have been friends for such a long time. Some of my favorite things about Jill is that she is honest, and loyal. She is so dependable and is always willing to help out. She has a Big Heart and I am so glad we are still friends. I hope you have a GREAT BIRTHDAY
Rocking our super cute clothes 
Does she not look way too good to have just had a baby