Happy Mother's Day

I love the Mother's Day Tea Mrs. K ( J's teacher) does every year. When we got there this year there were 11 portraits of their mom's drawn by the children and we all had to guess who's was who's. There were 2 that looked like J's and both were orange ( his fav. color) so I picked the first one. Right then I could see his face fall and I knew I had picked wrong he tried to whisper to me the right one but I already knew it. Then we played the "Newlywed Game" and he got nearly every question right. They were also asked "If they could get there mom anything what would it be?" Jackson answered " A purse! He knows me too well. 

Here are some more of the questions
  1. What is your Mommy's name? Crystal 
  2. How old is she? 25 
  3. How much does she weigh? 32 Lbs. ( close enough) 
  4. Color of your Mom's hair? Blonde ( I had just got blonde highlights)
  5. Her fav. place to eat? Ah-So ( I think it is more his fav. place to eat)
  6. Her fav. thing to play? She likes to watch movies ( oh how he knows me) 
  7. How much does your mommy love you? To 100 ( which is the highest of anything according to him)
  8. Why do you love your mommy? Because we workout together- like checking out the trees and garden ( which he does more with his dad) 
  9. What is your mommy's job? To take care of my brother.
After that they sang us songs, gave us the cookies they had frosted and a planted flower. I am going to miss this next year when he is not at Mrs. K's. 


The Neilson Times said...

Cute post! Kids are the best! I live Mrs. K, she is so great!

shalae said...

I love questionaires like the one Jackson did - and I love that you said "close enough" about 32 lbs - you practically are. I also love that your job is taking care of his brother (not to mention him). Jackson is so cute!

The Tyler's said...

So cute! I wish Brody's class did something like that.
I'm still waiting for Atlantis pics!

Melanie said...

I am already Missing Mrs K she was the best. So have you decided what your going to do with Jackson next year?

Rhiannon said...

What a sweet boy. I love his answers.