15 Months

Yes this post is Uber late but oh well better late than never. So I wanted to talk about my baby and what he is up to right now. At this last check up he weighed in at 22lbs. and 9 oz. (20%) and his height was 34 in. (97%). 

Huddy is talking so much right now here are some of his many words
Ball,Momma, Dada, Banana (Nanna), Doggie, 
Thank You- He loves to say this anytime he gets something or something comes to him.
 Uh-Oh,Poo-Poo, Big Bird, Jackson, Bye-Bye
 Shoes- he loves to wear his shoes as well as anyone else's that he can find. 
He is still in LOVE with ELMOS WORLD, if anyone starts singing the song he will immediately stop what he is doing and run to the couch and hand me the clicker and wait for it to start. He could be in the worst mood and this would make him forget all about it and sit down for 15 min. 
Whenever I ask him where mommy's baby is he lifts up my shirt and starts blowing on my tummy. It is the cutest thing, I love my little Toe Head


Scott, Emilie, and Sterling said...

Too stinkin' cute! This post is so adorable and thank heavens for Elmo's world, right?! I love it! How are you doing these days? I loved the pictures from the zoo ... we are definitely going to have to go and check out sting ray bay -- seems pretty awesome! Great pics!

Cummards said...

Aw, Huddy is so cute. I can't wait for the next baby to get here! How are you feeling? I'm sure you are getting to that uncomfortable, not sleeping, just want to get the baby out stage. But hopefully everything else is going great! We'll see you guys in a few weeks, yay!!

Damon's Team said...

He is so cute. I still wish I knew what your next one will be...........i am thinking boy!!! But 3 in a row is so fun!!!

Melanie said...

I was starting to think you were never going to post again. Hudson is cute. I am still waiting for the post on graduation :)

Sarah's Nonsense said...

Ahhh. Gotta' love Elmo!

Suzanne Cummard said...

Ah, I am glad you finally found the time!
I love that MISTER HUDSON so much. I wish he loved me, like he loves Lance... but oh well.
He is the cutest lil toe head! I loved that!