Annual Pumpkin Carving Party

Every Year Grandma C has a Pumpkin Carving Shindig with lots of yummy Soup and Pumpkin bread bowls. Huddy was not so into the carving or the gutting out he wouldn't even put his hand in it. Jackson drew an awesome face that his daddy helped him cut out. 

The first and only time he put his hand in there, he did not like it.

What a good big brother

I also decided to make some Mummy Hot Dogs but I didn't have enough breadstick dough so they are a little wack! But I doubt the kids cared

Grandma got out her nail drawing kit and drew little pumpkins and smiley faces on the kids nails. They loved it
Even Huddy was into it. He blew on it the whole way home!


Cummards said...

I love all the Halloween pics! They are so cute. And Grandma Cheryl always has fun, cute, original ideas for EVERY holiday! I don't know how she thinks of it all. Coen is getting so big..he is so adorable. Tell them hello for us!

PS Loved the Mummy hot dogs!