Party Harty

I always look forward to the Tyler's Halloween Bash, but every year I stress about my costume this year was no exception. I decided early on that I wanted to do Howie Mandel and a Deal or No Deal girl. I was trying to work with what we have a ( skinny, bald white man) I of course waited till the day of to get my costume. Me and my mom went to a few places and then finally ended up at a Thrift Store- Jackpot! We found a decent dress and the most perfect briefcase which was in actuality a blue plastic picnic basket thingy. But we turned it into a rockin case with a little spray paint and some cut out numbers. Stephen being so great went and got his hair Bicked at the barber shop and even put in fake earings ( even though i know they couldn't have been comfortable) What a trooper. The Party was a Smash, great food great company, Radical costumes and even cooler games. Thanks so much for the Party guys you are really the best. 

We showed up to a red carpet and the Paparazi taking our pictures.

The Fabulous Host and Hostess- Great Costumes Guys!
Our Dates for the Evening - Ashton and Demi
Winner of the Costume Contest and one of my Personal Favs. Awesome HuH
My other fav. costume. Joy and Crab Man from My Name is Earl. 


Heiner Happenings said...

That looks like a fun party! Thanks for helping me out with picture locations! They turned out great!

The Tyler's said...

You got really good pics at the party! I'm so mad I didn't have my camera! YOu guys looked so good, tell Steve thanks for being a trooper with the earing!
The kids looked so cute in their costumes. I love the pic of them all with your Mom.
Oh, and I've been meaning to ask you how I get the pics on the side bar that go with the names. I'm dumb. I need you to come over and spruce up my blog!

the cummard family said...

sad we missed the par-tay. looks like it was lots of fun....and you guys looked perfect-lol.

j&jwebbfamily said...

Great costumes. Love your idea too. I am never creative.

Suz said...

Yes, I agree... they throw the best Halloween party!
Those pics of Miss Presley- I am dying! They are adorable!

Mike & Stephanie Wright said...

I love the family pics! Your kids are growing up so fast! Presley is darling!

Brittney Smith said...

You all look so great!! Looks like it was a fun event.

Jenna said...

You look perfect in the costume, you should really join the show!!!

Hess Fam said...

I'm still interested in this visit to the barber. I've been asking Matthew to go cuz I think he'd love it. He just bicks it himself but wouldn't the barber be so fun?