Feeding the Ducks

This morning 2 friends showed up for a little snack. Huddy had a great time obliging them. He would yell out " Here Duckie"  while throwing out bread.


youngsters said...

we missed you for the movie. you shoulda come we could have gotten you in w/out being a member. i tried texting you!! anyways...did they show up at your house? i had a friend who was just telling me about two ducks who keep showing up at her moms. she says they are trying to find a spot to lay eggs. if that's the case maybe those ducks are doing the same at your place!!

The Neilson Times said...

That is so sweet that Hudson was so into feeding the ducks:) K, you are so talented, the onesies for Mele are too cute.

I agree about the museum, it is so fun. I want a yearly pass! I would go all the time too.

Brittany LeSueur said...

Your blog is SO CUTE! I am in love with that owl. It's a good thing hudson likes those ducks cause they come around every year!