Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

I'm aware some stare at my hair.

In fact, to be fair, 

Some really despair of my hair.

But I don't care,

Cause they're not aware,

Nor are they debonair.

In fact, they're just square.

They see hair down to there,

Say, "Beware" and go off on a tear!

I say, "No fair!"

A head that's bare is really nowhere.

So be like a bear, be fair with your hair!

Show it you care.

Wear it to there.

Or to there.

Or to there, if you dare!

My wife bought some hair at a fair, to use as a spare.

Did I care?

Au contraire!

Spare hair is fair!

In fact, hair can be rare.

Fred Astaire got no hair,

Nor does a chair,

Nor nor a chocolate eclair,

And where is the hair on a pear?

Nowhere, mon frere!

So now that I've shared this affair of the hair,

I'm going to repair to my lair and use Nair, do you care?

In 6th Grade while Unsucessfully running for President I recited this poem while wearing a hideous wig. I know sad.

Here is Presley's first Pony Tail how cute is she

Here is Hudson before his first ever Buzz. His beautiful white hair. But it is Summer and a buzz cut just screams summer so I did it. 

And here is my cutie now. He barely even looks like himself. He did great though. No whining or fighting it. Which is a nice change. Since J's first haircut to this day he still fights it the whole time.


garritandshea said...

I can just see you reciting that poem wearing some ridiculous wig- reminds me of our "girls just want to have fun" days. I hope you still have that video somewhere!

The Tyler's said...

Oh my gosh..he looks just like Jackson now! What a cutie!
You need to take another pic of P's pony because you can't see it from this pic. It's a really fun day when you can start doing piggies!
See you wed!

Hillary said...

WoW! Look at all that hair! I can TOTALLY see you reciting that poem! I LOVE little boys with summer buzzes. He looks adorable! PS. When are we going to the museum!? I want to get a year pass!

Jules said...

Hey, I've heard the poem before!?!?
I was actually a little scared to scroll down thinking that you might have cut your BEAUTIFUL hair!!
I love the first ponytail on Presley - too cute!!
And you're right, it barely looks like Hudson - however he's as cute as ever!

Kristina said...

Um, LOVE the poem! You totally rock! I CAN'T even believe how flippin grown up your baby girl looks and Huddy is cute as always!! Miss you guys!