Cabin Trip Numero Dos

The end of July we decided to take another trip back to the cabin. This time my girlfriends came, I also took a couple of my nephews. We had a blast the kids played great and we girls got to relax for the most part ( there were 3 babies under 1) we ate super Yummy food so much so that I don't think I came back the same weight even though we did work out a bit. The only bad part of the trip was all the diapers we had 6 kids still in diapers and let me tell you that is a lot of CRAP! Thanks for making it such a great trip girls, we will for sure be doing it again.

one evening we found 3 kids in the room asleep before dinner!
Presley making a getaway. She was constantly trying to go up the stairs. She thought it was so funny when I would spot her and she would laugh and try to go faster.
The boys found a friend up there the neighbor next door. They rode bikes, played with his dogs and had a blast.