MHS Forever the Best

Ten Years in the Making!
Yes folks for Ten Years I had been looking forward to my Reunion. Apparently I lead a boring life and this was the only thing I was excited for! While I LOVED high school I wasn't Miss Popular so why I wanted to go so bad is beyond me. For the last 6 months I postponed cutting my hair, so that I could show up with my Long Locks ( which I never had in HS) I told Steve he could stay home to save $50 and a boring night of being ditched. Ang was my date for the evening and we met up with my Gals. It was a great night I loved seeing my old pals but I really wish more people had come, the kind of people I haven't seen since graduation or for a while mainly MEGS! I did get to see Lupe which made my night. Afterwards me and the Girls headed to MHS friday night hot spot Applebees where we inhaled in 3 desserts and 2 baskets of fries. Can't wait for the 20yr. I am going to have to do some mad recruiting

Me and my Date! PURPLE & GOLD