Fun times

Since the girls and I hadn't gotten together in a while, during the busy holidays, we had missed 4 birthdays. So we decided to celebrate them all together with a night at Cheesecake. It was so much fun we talked for hours, I so love spending quality time with my Bf''s. The food wasn't bad either :) we did family style and I gotta say one reason I love my friends so much is that they share the same love of food as I do. Course sometimes that means fighting for the last bite! Happy Birthday girls
After my dinner I got a text from my mil saying she was having a painting party and to come on over. Well considering my MIL has never painted a room in all her yrs. I decided to join the party. Not only has she never painted but she has never had a wall painted any color other than white EVER! So she decided to go straight to RED! and it looks great I can't wait till we add the tan to the opposite walls it is going to look Great!


Cummards said...

I keep looking for updates...each time I am disapointed. I Just want you to know it is so rude of you to not provide me with any entertainment while I'm bored. Just kidding..One day though, I will come and it will be done! (or maybe one hour..because lets be honest, right now = not much to do except check your blog every time I get on the computer) Miss you guys!