New Years Eve

To be honest I am not a big New Year's Eve fan. Which is a little weird since during my teens I hosted many rocking New Year's Eve parties and 2 while I was married. But while I usually stay up late, I do not usually like to hang out late with people ( sleepovers are my enemy). This year I wanted to send J to the party and stay home with my my hubby and younger 2 and put them to sleep early. (thinking that they would be nightmares that late at night)
Course what I wanted to happen and what did were very different. We went out to dinner with Lance and Suzy to Gecko then headed over to Cheryl's for a the party. By some miracle I nor the kids ever got tired or cranky. It even went by super fast. We played games and ate super yummy food. My kids had a blast and we made it home in one piece.

grandma C is the queen of noise makers and always makes sure there are plenty to go around.

Pres and her best friend Max dog.
we got in our kiss early since I didn't know if I would make it.
12 a.m on the dot.