Renaissance Festival

It is days like these that definitely make me question my skills as a parent and wonder why I take my children to do fun things.
We showed up to the Fair happy, the weather was perfect and all my family was there. About 20 min. into it Jackson had started in on his first tantrum and from then on it was over, he got worse and worse complaining about everything. Then Hudson peed his pants and Presley got lost. The Festival was also quite lame and anything fun there was to do cost money, so I have decided that will be the last time we attend the Renaissance.

With that being said here are a few happy pics of the day
Everyone trying to prove they can climb the Ladder-no one did of course

Hudson petting Mother Goose's, Goose
My dad trying to learn the tricks of the trade
Pres watching the show and eating her goldfish

I can't tell if he has to go pee or is just relaxing ( his dad also sits like this)