Kids Randomness

So I have much to catch up on.
Here are some pictures to capture what we have been up to.
Jackson asked to borrow the camera one day and here are the pics he took.
Nice right?

I don't even know what this sign means. Hopefully it is not gang related

Conversations with J
"Be a Man, mom!"

at my moms:
J :"hey dider"
Grandma: "whats dider?"
J: "thats what our family calls Presley/sister."
G-ma: "what does that mean"
J: "like a little tiny baby" ( hand motions showing the size)
Gma: "so it's not short for sister?"
J: "no"
Yes that is just how it developed but I guess not according to J

Oh yeah baby check out those legs!
Ellies b-day party was at the gym where I work with Suz my SIL- USA gymnastics
The kids have a blast getting to go to different things with me that I work at.

2 weeks in a row Hudson won the drawing for the Cream Pie.
This is his cheese face!
Winners- J also won a prize that night.
Here is Hudson and his On again Off again Girlfriend and the note she wrote him.

One of Presley's favorite things to say is "Wook Mommy Wook" or "Wook Grandma Wook"
she is always wanting to show somebody something.

She is also such a little cleaner and always has to wipe up her mess.
Always on the cell phone taking pictures. With her 2 best friends that she never goes anywhere without and they are a packaged deal. The binkie must come with the blankie and vice versa.
This is the face she makes when she has a runny nose. She will come and find me yelling "Nose"
Pres the other day went into the bathroom and took off her clothes, told me she had to go poo, got out the seat and went. Then when she was done she even put the seat back. How cute is she?

The other night when I went into to do my last once over before bedtime. I saw she looked a little cold so I put the blanket on her, and then all of a sudden she whispers "Thank you"
My heart melted. This girl is the most polite person I know. Anytime you do anything at all for her she will say "Thank you Mommy" and will always say " Your Welcome" when you thank her.

Hudson boy has this new face when he dances. He gets really serious and into it and goes all out. It is soooo funny. I have no idea where it came from. He loves to dance. The other day we had the music on and we were in the back room playing, he leaves and goes into the kitchen so I follow him. He went out to hear the tunes better and started busting a move!
try to watch his face in this video it is too funny


The Tyler's said...

K, first, you work??!! And at a gym?? What? Since when? C'mon..you have to fill me in on these things!

Second, get out of town with those stinkin cutest booty shorts on Pres!! I could eat her up! She actually reminds me of me when I was that age...very round! I think I'll kidnap her this summer!

Cummards said...

Oh my gosh, Hudson is so funny! You would think you were making him dance and he was ticked about it, with that face.

Pres is getting really really old. She seems so tall too, like all of your kids are, but even taller! I love the pics of her in the green dress with her bright white piggies!