Jackson's Field day-
I love getting to go see my children in all their different elements. It is always so neat and interesting how they interact with others and the things they do.
I was able to go see Jack at his field day -which he wanted me to go to soo bad. ( I love that he still wants me to go, and will keep trying as long as he wants me too)

Jackson and his pals
what an athlete

Every year Grandma C does a boys sleepover and a girls sleepover.
This is Presley's first time going and she had a BLAST!!!!!!!
she didn't sleepover- though that didn't keep her from hanging out all night.
When I went to get her I found her like this and then she proceeded to start bouncing up and down like crazy. Which she had been doing most of the night.

when she got in the car she started going crazy giddy and continued this at home.
She was definitely on a sugar high!
Here is Jackson with his first Gotcha- a ticket they get for being good and then can redeem at the Gotcha store.
He was so proud of it and is trying to earn more to buy something at the store.
Jackson and his friends have such a green thumb. Awhile ago they planted some seeds for a Sweet Peas and a Sweet Pea flower. Well they watered those plants EVERY day and would get so excited in any growth they got. Here is the first fruit of their labors. A sweet juicy pea.

and he Loved it!
We finally started our Garden, a little late this year. We didn't plant much, zuchinni and squash and some artichoke.
But everyone got involved and had a lot of fun.

This is what I found in the bottom of washing machine. I of course knew it was Hudson- being that he is kind of a klepto and anything he can get his hands into he puts into his pocket. So I am constantly finding stuff in them or at the bottom of my Washer!


Cummards said...

I love Pres' face in just about every picture! Such a happy crazy girl!!

I love where we live, but do get sad when I see we miss out on the fun things like Grandma Cheryls sleepovers!