St. Patricks Day

This St. Patty's Day was great, we started off with the Traditional Green Breakfast-pancakes, syrup and milk all green.

I bought this super cute outfit for Pres and right before I was going to take a picture of her in it, she got hurt really bad and was sobbing. But as soon as I brought out the camera she tried to smile.
So this is her saying Cheese through her Sobs- it was the Cutest thing EVER!
This girl LOVES the camera, if it comes out she will make her way over and put out a big CHEESE!

In true Holiday fashion Jackson had a temper tantrum about some thing, but eventually decided to give up and eat.

The night ended with a big old Water fight!

and 3 happy kids


Cummards said...

I want to eat Pres. She is so cute, I want to squeeze her!

Me and my boys said...

Looks like some fun at the Cummard Home!!!
Cute kids too, by the way!!!