A name for the Pup

The impossible has happened, my husband who does NOT like dogs and has refused to ever even consider the possibility, brought home this little pup. My kids went Crazy, Pres and Hud absolutely love dogs and anywhere they see one they go straight for it and won't stop.

Puppies first bath.
It took us a while to chase him down, I think he knew what was coming.

We love having the dog around he is a super sweet pup, even though he chews through everything. We are losing shoes left and right! We have had quite a hard time deciding on a name we have quite a list

We decided on Tucker, except we still really never called him that. It has mostly been puppy or pup. A couple of weeks later Suzanne suggested we call him Charger after Stephen's all time favorite team the San Diego Chargers. We all like it, though we still call him Puppy sometimes.
It has been a ton of fun having a dog and even Stephen is getting a little better and can even be found petting him!


Hayley's Wedding Day

Even with all the stress helping Hayley with her wedding plans was one of the best times EVER! I loved spending so much time with my sister. She has been waiting for this for so long and was absolutely is 7th Heaven doing all the wedding details. I thought she would be a little bridezilla but she was just the opposite, with all the problems that arose she was so calm.

Her dress was absolutely AMAZING the most beautiful I had ever seen and no one else could have looked as good as she did in it.

Too late Brett you are already married!
Bretts family did such a great job on the luncheon, we even had a toast at the end, Cute!

The Reception was SOOOOO much Fun! It was Perfect, the food was great and Hayley was so Happy! The day went off without a major hitch. I think I am going to miss all this wedding stuff.


Hayley's Shower

Me, my mom and my sil Heather threw a shower for my sister Hayley who got married in September. It was so perfect, we had Cinnamon Swirl french toast with all the toppings served on beautiful china. It was so much fun, and I am just so excited for my sister.


Good Times

After Sarah took Pres to get her nails done I couldn't wait to have my turn with her.
I wasn't disappointed, she is so much fun to go with. She sits there as still as can be and every couple of minutes turns to me with this little over the shoulder smile that melts my heart. I hope she is always this excited about it.

Monsoon Season
Oh how I love you, I believe my kids do as well

For the past 6 months the boys have been sleeping on a twin bed together.
(Hudson's bed is a pullout underneath this one)
This is how I found them one night.

The other night I was watching t.v and all the lights were out, when I noticed a shadow at the end of the hall. I got super freaked out and started walking towards it, when I realized it was Jackson. He was at the end of the hall facing the closet, course he wasn't just standing there, he was peeing! Apparently not only does he sleep talk but he also sleep Pees!

For my b-day Syd gave me the pancake pen, it is Awesome you can pretty much "draw" anytime shape pancake you want. So I decided each week that I would do the letter Hudson is learning in school that week. He loves it and I gotta admit it is pretty fun to eat a letter.


SmOOdy Time

Presley's favorite thing to do in her kitchen is make SmOOdies! (aka smoothies) She will make you any flavor you like. Then she will proceed to tell you "No more, O.k." course then you will ask for another one and she will once again make you Another smoothie.

Hayley asked Pres if she could get some ice, Presley wasn't knocked off her game for a second. She headed over to the dresser got down on the floor and got some imaginary ice out of the "freezer" for dear Aunt Hayley. We thought it was so cute we made her do it about 10 more times!

The perfect Hostess!