Hayley's Wedding Day

Even with all the stress helping Hayley with her wedding plans was one of the best times EVER! I loved spending so much time with my sister. She has been waiting for this for so long and was absolutely is 7th Heaven doing all the wedding details. I thought she would be a little bridezilla but she was just the opposite, with all the problems that arose she was so calm.

Her dress was absolutely AMAZING the most beautiful I had ever seen and no one else could have looked as good as she did in it.

Too late Brett you are already married!
Bretts family did such a great job on the luncheon, we even had a toast at the end, Cute!

The Reception was SOOOOO much Fun! It was Perfect, the food was great and Hayley was so Happy! The day went off without a major hitch. I think I am going to miss all this wedding stuff.


Hess Fam said...

WOW! That dress sure is stunning.

Unknown said...

She looks so gorgeous! My wedding day is also around the corner and I am going through a lot of wedding posts lately. I have to save this one and share it with my fiancé. I really want my wedding day to be very special and therefore, I have booked one of the wedding venues Los Angeles for the day.