We had a pretty Amazing V-day!
Stuffed French Toast for breakfast. Then we all got in our Valentine's Best, even J picked out a red shirt without me telling him to.
For Hudson's Valentines we decided to do the Marhmallow Pops we saw here, that we did last week for play group treat. The kids helped make them and they were super easy, fun, and yummy.

Poor Pres didn't get any Valentines so her sweet brother gave her one and shared his Whole lot with her.

Jackson got out of his clothes too fast ( too hot yesterday)
but this is what he made for his class, yes he did help make it. We saw it here and had to do it.

Now I was planning on the neat dinner idea for V-day dinner with the kids that I posted about last week. But then my SIL Heather called inviting us to dinner. Frankly I hardly ever say no to a dinner invite ( for multiple reasons), so since I hadn't even bought the food yet I said yes.
Good thing I did because the meal was incredible. I have been craving a burger for like forever!
With her homemade buns this one was worth the wait.
After dinner the kids finally got their prizes, went to bed happy and sleeping with their balloons.
I hope you all had a Wonderful Valentine's Day.