One of my new favorite things to do is Carporting/Garage Saleing. Every friday my mom and I go out while Hudson is at Preschool. One morning it seemed like every house we hit was a jackpot! I had already been worrying about having to get new shoes for J- since I had just thrown out his last pair that had multiple holes. He wears his shoes out pretty good. So when I saw brand new in the box Heely's I was ecstatic she took $12 for them and they were about 1 size too big so perfect to grow into. Plus they are tough as nails and are perfect for J.

When he got home from school I showed them to him and he was crazy excited! I never knew he was so into Heely's, he wanted to try them immediately.
Not as easy as he thought
getting a little better

when dad got home he got his Heely's out to show J how to do it! Yes my husband has Heely's, that he has used like twice. They are now his new favorite pair of shoes, he went around for a week telling everyone about them. They are a little big but he still insists on wearing them.

Stephen brought home a truck load of paper to burn from his office. I recruited the kids in the neighborhood to help sort the file folders out ( so there was less to burn ). I have realized that kids will do just about anything for the promise of Ice Cream.
It took a good 1-2 hours each day, but they did awesome. The funniest was their obsession with the paper clips- they started collecting and then fighting over them, but all worked out in the end.

Worth it right?


The Tyler's said...

Why does Steve have heely's??...haha!
That's cute him and Jackson were doing them together though.

Love the paper sorting party!