March Madness

Hudson is the prime candidate for Hand me downs- he is constantly getting them, either from jackson or conway. To say he loves hand me downs would be an understatement. He is completely beside himself, he immediately puts the new stuff on and can't stop talking about it. Well the other day by mistake Hudson received these roller blades from Cons. The next day and a half wasn't pretty. He would NOT take them off- so much so that he was getting in trouble. He was falling down every second ( though nothing phased him he got right back up) running into people and things (OW!). He even tried to wear them to school and when I said no he tried to take them in his backpack. Needless to say when we realized his receiving them was by mistake I was MORE than happy to give them back. But at the end of that 36 hrs. he had improved a ton and they did make him sooo happy. Another time!

Kids Night Out this month was March Madness themed so the kids got to dress up in b-ball gear! They loved it and are way too cute.
I came home one night when Hayley had been babysitting, and I went to check on Pres but couldn't find her. I asked Hayley and she said she is in her room so I checked one more time and found her in-between the wall and her bed.
Pres and I in our matching outfits!
I am not a crafty person but lately I have been trying a lot more-meaning looking up ideas and tutorials and trying to copy as best I can.
I have been needing another hairbow holder for Pres and saw a cute one online so decided to go for it.
I found a $.50 frame at a garage sale.
painted it up nice and white
then distressed it

added ribbon to the inside with hot glue
layed down my material, batting and backing
taped it up with duct tape
and there you go, all nice and pretty for Pres!