Easter prep

As always it was Easter egg painting at grandma C's and I think this was the first year Hudson and Presley didn't have their eggs all black from the mixing of colors! We also had the annual ward egg hunt. Presley had a false start which almost ruined it for her since she got all embarrassed and refused to do it. She did end up getting some eggs after we pushed her into it.


First pool day of the year!

For spring break we took a trip to the Oasis with the cousins. It turned out to be the perfect sun shining day! This kids loved it all, especially the jacuzzi. Hudson and Logan would get in the "cuzzi" then jump out and take a "shower" then get right back in! At the end of the day the big girls turned the private ramada into a spa, pampering the little ones :) pres and Easty definitely milked it!


A day with my bestie!

The other day uncle p came and picked up the boys for the day, so Pres and I decided to make it a girls day. We went shopping, had lunch and went for gelato. It was sooo much fun. Pres is the best date, she loves to shop and had a blast picking stuff out. Only a little longer till she is not the only girl I hope she can handle it. Since she is definitely spoiled. I live hanging with her she is always making me laugh and we have such a good time together.


These two cousins are so close. They love playing together. Presley will play cars with Easton while Easton will play house with Pres! Always holding hands and giggling they are like little twinners. They are the mini Steve and Steph!

St. Patrick's Day

The kids woke up to a treasure hunt from our little Leprechaun. They loved figuring out the clues and getting to the end of the treasure. My kids live for treasure hunts. That night was my favorite meal the "green meal" at grandma C's with a ton of green delicious food my fav being cabbage, corned beef and cornbread.

Looking for a man

Presley asked me today when she is going to get a guy to dance with when she is big, like a dad. I asked her if she meant a husband and she said yes. I told her wage will look for him when she gets older. But she said she wants to find him now! So I guess we are on the lookout!


Beauty and the Beast

Mesa High put on a production of The Beauty and the Beast. I had heard such good things about it I thought it would be fun for presley and I to have a date night. She was so excited for it that I even got her to take a nap since it was going to b a long night. We went out to dinner, the whole time she was do any to get to the play. She could hardly wait did it to start once we got there and got positively giddy once the lights when down. The first half was almost 2 hours which had her getting a little squirmy at the end of it. The entire time she asked about a million questions(even though I had her watch the movie earlier that day)wonky she wanted to know when the next part was going to happen. During intermission age had the most fun picking up all the confetti and saving it got her brothers and dad. The ad ond act was definitely her favorite when she got to see Belle in her gold dress. She asked me "is that the real Belle?" she couldn't believe she got to see the real one! It was such a fun night and I loved being able to spend some quality girl time together.

Pinewood derby

This was Jackson's first year in the derby. He has gone to previous events for his cousins and couldn't wait for his turn! He was so excited and has so much fun making his car with his dad and cousin coop. He decorated it red with a skull. I was a little nervous how the night would go since he usually takes losses pretty hard. But I was happily surprised to see what a great sport he was. He loved every race wether win or loose. Always excited to just be participating. The best part I am sure was having his cousins there cheering him on even when they were racing against him.

Presley graduates

Presley's nursery leaders did a graduation for the kids going into primary. It was so cute and she was so proud to show off her cap and diploma!

Hudsons first game

Hudson has his first game a double header. I was worried it might burn him out the first time around but he loved it. He was chasing after every ball whether it was by him or not. He lived hitting. His first time at bat he stood there until everyone yelled to run and then carried the bet with him. But after that he batted like a pro! After the game he announced "that was the best game Ever!" and then he got the treats! He was beyond excited and couldn't stop talking about it. We are so proud of him!