Shea Lea's Shower

Shea Lea, Wendy, Frances, Maryann, Allie, Crystal, Jamie
Leah & Jennifer

Here is Shea's Family and fiance Jenny, Callie, Shea, Garret, & Caitlyn

Isn't she gorgeous

One of my best friends Shea Lea Carlsen is getting married next week and she came down this week from Utah so I got to throw her a bridal shower. This is the first time I have gotten to do one of these, so it wasn't perfect but hopefully I will get better. If I can ever get people to come out to my house again. Nobody knew where I lived before they came or I think they might have decided not to come, since it was during the worst part of the day I wanted to say thank you to Allie Jones who made the trek all the way from Avondale! What a trooper. It was so great to see all of my friends from EAC (that's right the coolest community college ever!) They are such a great group of girls, here are some pictures of the night.


Happy Birthday Mom

My mom's birthday was on Wednesday, but since I was sick I didn't get to celebrate with her. My mom always gets jipped since her birthday is so close to Mother's day, so I wanted to let her know how special she is. My mom is so amazing, she can do anything. If there is anything I ever need to know I call her and she knows how to do it. She is so great at gardening, decorating and cooking! My mom is as indecisive as I am but she can always make the decisions for me.I call her for all my major and minor dilemas. One of the best things is that we wear the same size clothes and shoes, it is the best. I don't know how I could survive without her when she goes out of town I am a wreck, I need to talk to her once a day, she is my best friend and the most BEAUTIFUL, CARING, SMART and WONDERFUL woman I know. I hope one day I am just like her. I love you mom.

Moving up Ceremony

Jackson has so been so lucky this year to have such a great teacher and class. He loves Mrs. K and with 4 other boys in his class he couldn't have been happier. They all got along so well. Mrs. K did a moving up ceremony for all her preschoolers. I am so bummed I didn't get to go since I was sick. Luckily Steve was able to take him and get some pictures. I heard he had a bit of a rough time. Kinda glad I wasn't there to see the tantrum. He got the "All Boy" award. Let me tell you that is right on the money, he is nothing but boy. Thanks Mrs. K for a great year. Can't wait for next year.

Grandpa Chris

My dad is always calling and asking to watch Jackson, so I have decided to start taking him up on that. I don't know why I wasn't saying yes everytime. Here are some cute pictures of my dad and Jackson swimming. He is such a great grandpa, Jack loves hanging out with him.

Our first dinner theatre

Jackson's teacher planned a trip to the Broadway Palms Dinner Theatre for the production of Winnie the Pooh. It was so much fun. There were a bunch of different schools there so it was all kids. If you have never been to one it is actually quite fun. You get there and have a table to sit at then there is a buffet of food (which suprisingly was good). You eat for an hour then the play starts. Jackson really enjoyed it and I had fun too, that is when I wasnt trying to get Hudson to stop crying. All in all it was a fun trip, I might even do it again sometime. Plus Jackson got to meet all the characters and get their autographs. fun fun fun

My sweet, funny and smart boy

Here are some things Jackson said this past week that I want to remember.

I started getting Jackson to give me bites of his food by telling him I need to make sure it isn't poisonous. Which my dad still does to me. It has been working the the other day I tried it and he replied with. "Mom can you smell it instead" I guess he got me.

I was really sore one day and I kept telling Jackson my legs hurt. So the next morning he woke me up and as I got up he said " lay back down your legs are killing you, I will help you up" he is such a sweet boy.

I love my Jackson boy

My weekend

Well Mother's Day wasn't my ideal day. Late Saturday night my back started hurting tremedously and I was doubled over on the bed for an hour. We called the doctor and he said it probably had to do with my kidneys, so if it got worse go to the hospital. Well it got better throughout the night, but I still felt awful, so all day Sunday Stephen took care of me and the boys. Which actually made it a pretty great Mother's day. Course I didn't get the breakfast that he was going to make me. Monday I went to see the doctor and she told me it was probably kidney stones, so she sent me to get an X-ray. That night I had another episode, it was terrible. Tuesday night I was so nauseous, the whole night I couldn't sleep and Stephen stayed home from work to be with me and help with the boys. As of now I am feeling pretty good. So who know what is really going on. Anyways so that is the reason I have not been blogging, so I have lots to catch up on


Mother's Day

For preschool Jackson's class had a Mother's Day Tea. It was so sweet all the Mom's came and they had stuff they made us, a song and cookies. His teacher Mrs. K is so great she always does the funnest things. She set up a small version of the "Newlywed game" where she asked the kids questions about us. Jackson knew my favorite color was green but was a little of on the other 2. He thinks I am 20 years old and my favorite place to eat is McDonalds!
Here are some other questions
Why do you love your mommy?- Because she plays toys
What does your mommy do best?-She cleans, and paints and makes good presents
What is something your mommy always tells you?- Clean up
What is your mommy's job?- Do laundry
What is your favorite thing to do with your mommy?-Play cars
Here are some funny answers from the other kids in the class
Why do you love your mommy?- Because she paints the walls, because we kiss and hug-Carli
What does your mommy do best? She drives good. She likes to-Aidan
What is something your mommy always tells you?-Play on the computer-Joey ; She tells me secrets-Owen; She tells me to jump-Kai
It is so great to be a mom. I hope I always remeber all the special things we do together.

Slipping & Sliding

First off I would like to apologize for my lack of blogging the past weeks. I have been going to "town" nearly everyday so when I make it home I have been catching up on my cleaning and shows. But I am back so here are some post I have been wanting to do. This last week my brother-in-law Davy invited all the kids over for a slip and slide that was too cool. Of course Jackson was too scared to slide, he would just run across it. But I wanted to show you a picture of Davy slippin and a slidin I think he had more fun than the kids. Now I hope he doesn't get mad since he told me I was never allowed to post a picture of him on my blog and I am sure one of him in this position isn't what he even imagined but here it is Enjoy! Sorry Dave.

Sweetest Cousins

Snow Cone face

bestest buds

Jackson is the one in the back hiding. He can be a bum sometimes when I am trying to take pictures

Hudson's first Snow Cone! I know I am a terrible mom.

Here are the kids laying out on the concrete to stay warm. Don't you totally remember doing that.


Entrees Made Easy

If you have ever been to one of these places you know how great it is. For those who haven't let me tell you it is Awesome! You go for a couple of hours and prepare anywhere from 6-12 meals to freeze. You can make half meals(2-3) people, or a full meal 5-6 people. I get the half meals and we always have leftovers. The food is great and it is so easy, you just thaw and cook. Every month they have a different menu with 12 meals to choose from. I have gone a couple different times. Once to Entrees Made Easy and another time to My Girfrieds Kitchen. Each meal works out to about $10 for a half meal. I love it.You don't have to work out a list with all the meals for the week to come. I am planning on going again this month iff anyone is interested I would love to have company. Just let me know and we can sign up for the same class. If you can't go this month I reccomend you still give it a try you will love it the food is great and it is a great time saver. Especially if you are going to have a baby soon, it is so nice to have a bunch of meals pre prepared.

Movie Quote-Winner Matthew

That is right it is Now & Then. Congrats
--, truth or dare?
-- Truth.
-- Have you ever been french kissed?
-- Are you kidding? I don't want to get pregnant!



I was blog hopping and found this great website on someones blog about a smores cupcake. If you dont already know I love smores so I clicked on the site and they had about a million recipes for cupcakes that were totally neat. So check it out at cupcakeblog.com ENJOY!


Hey I am looking for a GREAT oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe. If you have a great one please leave me the recipe in the comments. Thanks!

She's Got It All

That is right! The website is up. I am so excited, everywhere I go people ask me where I get my stuff and all I say is She's Got It All. They have the best products for everything. I have so much of there stuff I feel like I am the She in She's Got It All. Congrats Suzy & Shalae, they have done such a great job getting it all together, I know you will find something you want. Check it out the link is on the right.