Bass Pro Shop

Well I have heard so many great things about Bass Pro Shop, that it is a fun place to take kids and really neat for adults as well. I've got to say I was a little dissapointed, it was a alright but nothing I need to do again. Course I think most of my dislike stems from the fact that dinner was a nightmare. I guess that is to be expected when you have two 3 year old boys sitting next to eachother at a restaurant. Jill and Noah came also shared the night with us ,hopefully it wasn't as stressful for them. Dinner was fun though we did get to try Alligator, which does taste a lot like chicken. Jackson and Brody loved it. We checked out the fish in the tanks, did some rifle practice and putted some golf balls. All while chasinig Jackson around the HUGE store. The best part of the evening was Noah at every turn saying how much things they had were worth, everything was $100,000- the fish, the guns. It was pretty funny.


j&jwebbfamily said...

Hey Crystal, totally agree that it is a huge store but totally not that great. At least for me, my kids loved the fishes and looking at all the animals. Breck liked the shooting thing there. Hey you guys were right by us we are really close to all those stores. It's nice to be close to something after living in QC.

Ginger John said...

Preston thinks the store is so great- I do like the restaraunt though. They have a yummy Cajun tilapia that I crave. And we tried the Aligator it was wierd but not bad :)

Mike & Stephanie Wright said...

Noah's little boy looks exactly like him. He is a Tyler for sure!!!