This last week we went to Newport Beach, California with the Cummards. Every year we rent out a beach house, and this year Stephen came and stayed the whole time. Which he hasn't done for a couple of years, so it made it that much more fun.

To start out our trip Stephen wanted to bleach his hair like he used to, so he bought the stuff and the lady told him he needed to add the cream to (even though he swears that last time he did it he just used water) so he mixed it up and applied it himself as well as to Jackson. After the 30 minutes was up the rinsed off and it was horrendous. The looked like lepoards. So we had to do it again, the second time he decided to use just water, and he would still not let me apply it. After that time not a change, it was completely the same. So we had to do it AGAIN. This time I convinced him to let me do it and to use the cream, well we finally got it right.
We spent most of the time at the beach, the weather was fantastic only one super hot day, the water was also great, except for the fact that everyone kept finding sting rays.

Here are all the cousins playing in a hole on the beach

All the babies getting soaked in their Bumbos so sad!
Hudson's first day on the beach

Quincy, Molly & Jackson his first day getting in the water. The whole first half of the week he wouldn't let the water get any further than his knees. Good thing the girls showed him what was up
Conway & Jackson
Jackson did alot of soul searching
Nice face
Rachel & Hudson
Finally getting in those waves. He didn't start this till the last day. Hopefully next year he gets right in the first day
He survived

On Tuesday night Summer,Kanoe,Suzie,Andy,Jason, Stephen and I all took a trip down to Les Deux a frequent celeb hot spot. As we were driving up we spotted a ton of paparazi at a nearby restaurant so we slowed to see who it was, and pulling out was Paris Hilton in shotgun in a Silver Range Rover. We couldn't believe it. We jumped out of the cars and started screaming( we got a little too excited) but we didnt expect to see anyone, then we saw her drive back our way so we tried to follow but lost her. So we continued on to the club. It happened that it was a fashion show that night so they were only letting in VIP. So we continued to stalk out the scene to see if we could spot any more celebs. Stephen and & I took a walk around the block and I saw this guy who looked so farmiliar just walking alone, I couldn't get a front look so I just kept on going. When we got back to Les Deux he was there just hanging around, I still couldn't place him. Then he started talking to the bouncer and he was all get over here. Finally I saw him head on and it was one of my FAVORITE WB alums 7th Heaven, and October Road's Geoff Stults. I couldn't believe it, I just wished I had recognized him earlier so I could have talked to him.

My favorite thing about any trip would definitely be the FOOD, and California is one of my favorite places to eat, I have my spots that I always hit, and I always try to try some new stuff. I love Janes Corn Dogs, Marios( the best grilled chicken salads), Chronic Tacos, and El Torito. I tried El Toritos Fire Roasted Tomato soup this time and it was the best soup I have ever had. This year I was able to try Lawry's( a prime rib place that was fantastic) and Sprinkles. We arrived at Sprinkles 10 min. till it closed and there were only 3 flavors left so we got all of them and they were pretty good. I loved the Carrot Cake. I just wished I had gotten to try more flavors.

The 2 funniest things on the trip would be when my Nephew Talbot (3yrs) fell asleep on the toilet and day later Ellie(3 yrs) fell asleep posing in the tub. So you can only imagine how hard the kids were playing.

Here are some more random pictures of the trip
Jack & Stephen on the bike
Summer flipping me off while I am trying to get a picture of the man serenading us outside our beach house
Anthony & Jack
The possum hanging out around the beach house ( he died later that week)
Beach Bodies


chris+amber said...

HOW FUN!! I love Newport. I haven't been there in years. You definitely got a ton of va-cay time this summer! LUCKY YOU! I cannot believe Hudson is already 6 months. He is sooooooo stinkin' cute, Crystal!!

JKMeeks said...

You look soooo good in your swimsuit. You are so skinny. Looks like you guys had fun it seems like you have a real fun family!

Anonymous said...

Nice one of your "bull" legs!

Suzy Cummard said...

Bow or bowl or bull?? *Wink*

I did not know your new pet died. Was that after I left? Do you know if it had its baby? Speaking of when I left... El Torrito? Did anyone go with you? I hope you ate some tortillas with honey butter for me!!!

I thought you said that this post was going to be really long? YEAH RIGHT. My post took way too long.. IT is way too long. OH WELL, it's a good journal!


The Tyler's said...

This is going to be a long comment so get ready.
Firts of all I hate all the bleech heads! Nerds! I can't believe you bleeched Jacksons!
The play by play of when you saw that guy from the wb is exactly the way you told it to me in person. Like anyone really knows who he is!!
Are those leggings I see you wearing?!! They look so cute!
That little rat looking thing is discusting!
I love the pic of you and Hudson at the end. You look cute in hats.
Oh ya, nice legs too!! Ha Ha!
Looks like such a fun trip. I only wish I could have gone this year!!

Mike & Stephanie Wright said...

I am glad that you had fun vacation with the fam. I love all of the pictures! Newport is a fun place to visit.

Ali said...

so fun! newport is the best. we are trying to go with al's family in the fall, would you be able to get the number of the people you rented the beachhouse from (if you'd recommend it)? I am trying to find a place big enough for all of us and having a hard time. If you can, email me at ali.evans@gmail.com with the info. thanks crystal!

Rachel Cunningham said...

I can't believe you saw Paris Hilton and even though I don't know who that WB guy is...I love that you saw him. I'm a loser who has dreams of seeing a celebrity...I don't even care who it is. Once we saw Ricky Shroeder in the Temple...no joke. What a fun group of girls to be related to!!

The Richins Family said...

crystal, it looks like you had such a blast! makes me want to go there so bad! their blonde hairs are so fun.

Cummards said...

I am really glad that you finally posted pictures from the vacation so we could see what we missed out on. Looks like we missed out on lots, minus that ugly thing living by the beach house. We come soon, but I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know. I'm sure you've been counting down. We can't WAIT!

P.S. do I need to comment on every picture, like you? Just kidding.

Anonymous said...
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