Photo Op

So when Jackson was about 5 or 6 mo. I took some pictures of him with this cute outfit I had gotten but that he had never worn since it wasn't cold enough for it. Well it turned out that one of the pics I took ended up being one of my fav. pictures of Jackson. So since I still had that outfit and it had still never been worn I tried to get a similar picture of Hudson in it. Course since it is the summer I decided to do the picture indoors for fear that he might get heat exhaustion outside. Do you think they look alike?


Katie Peterson said...

They look like twins!!!

Suzy Cummard said...

Yes, but Zilla does not look like his baby picture anymore, he looks like Hudson NOW!

jalipeno said...

um, ok that's the same kid.
happy bday in advance lover..

Marley Girls said...

I thought the picture of Jackson was Hudson, they totally look alike!