Cabin Fun

A couple of weeks ago we went to the cabin. Now I am not a roughing it kind of gal, and I know a cabin isn't really roughing it but it is for me. But I go because J loves it, and now so does Huddy. Course this particular time I think I would not have gone if I had known how miserable I would be in the Cold! The only great weather we got in the Valley and we decide ( well actually Kanoe talks me into) going to the cabin where it is FREEZING! The first 2 days were pretty miserable, oddly enough the kids didn't mind the cold and rain and still played all day outside. During the nights Grandma C would get out the play dough and let the kids go at it. It wasn't all bad for me playing games and eating great food is definitely 2 of my fav. things to do.


The Tyler's said...

I've never thought Huddy looked like Jackson..but that pic in the sink looks exactly like Jackson!! So cute.
Fun trip at the cabin. I so wish we had a cabin to escape the heat! I'm still waiting for our invite to your dad's cabin!