Our very own Peaches

When we moved in a couple of years ago we planted a ton of fruit trees, Oranges, Lemon, Lime, Pomegrante, Peach, Grapefruit, & Plum. Last year all of the peaches and plums, and most of our garden got eaten by the rabbits and birds, so we thought. This year we had a ton of peaches and again they were all getting eaten as well as the garden. One day one Steve was out looking at the trees he saw a "Rat" ( we don't know what exactly they are they might be prairie dogs) up the tree and we realized that they are what is eating everything so we put out a bunch of pellets. But the damage had already been done they had eaten nearly all the peaches from the peach trees. So Steve picked the ones they hadn't gotten to and let them ripen the rest of the way on the counter. They were the absolute best peaches and plums I have ever had. I just hope next year we can get those pesky things before they eat up all our food again.


Tassi Smith said...

Oh those look so delicious. I am very jealous you can plant fruit trees. Good luck with the critters.