Father's Day

My husband LOVES Cereal, and I don't mean he just wants it for breakfast, he would choose it for dinner probably 8/10 and if not for dinner than an appetizer or snack. So it did not surprise me when he chose that for his Father's Day Breakfast in Bed. J made him a huge card that he was so proud of, and for the first time ever even got up in church with the rest of the primary kids to sing their dad songs. Course he practically hid behind the pulpit and I don't think he sang much but it is a start. We also sat in the comfortable seats for the first time ever, and well I loved it Hud wasn't running around J sat so quietly, it was such a more pleasant experience, guess we are going to have to be early every week.
sharing his cereal, what a great dad


Jenna said...

Does Steve ever have his shirt on in pictures?? LOL!!! I love cereal too!! Jacks hair is cute, and Huddy looks like the cutest boy in his pictures all dressed up!! Can't wait to see what you are having!

The Tyler's said...

I'm a cereal lover too..and eat it everyday too!
When did Hudson become such a big hadsome kid? They look great in their church attire..mohawk and all!
That is so like you to do a post about your peaches. I remember always having to eat some crazy thing your family grew in the garden. Fun times!

the cummard family said...

two words....
1. man
2. boobs.

lol-i'm totally kidding steve.

Scott, Emilie, and Sterling said...

I love looking through your blog -- what a beautiful family. You guys have been having a ton of fun and staying busy over the summer it seems! The trip to the Bahamas looks like it was so fun and you are lookin' so foxy, girl!! How are you feeling? BTW, I seriously love Jackson's mohawk ... very cute. And how adorable are those pics from his preschool grad!! Caps and gowns, even? That's awesome. Well I love you to death and hope everything is going well for you. Love you -- em