O Halloween

Well I had originally planned on Hud being a cowboy for Halloween since that is what J was when he was one. But the day before I found an Elmo costume for real cheap and since Huddy LOVES Elmo it thought he would love that way more and it really is about what they want. That night we first hit up Grandmas Store where they got a whole ton of loot. Then it was off to the Clouse's carnival and then we took Grandmas people mover around her neighborhood. Huddy and Jonnie were so cute running up to the door and back to keep up with the big kids. Jackson always making sure Hud got enough candy. Next on to my moms neighborhood for a few more houses. Then we headed to Colin and Heather's where they had a cotton candy machine! Yummy! So that we could see cute little Coen in his costume.
Trick or Treating at Grandma K's don't you love their matching buckets.
Presley & Coen how cute

Here is Huddy throwing a tantrum
2 seconds later smiling after I pulled the "Dont you smile" reverse psychology 
Next morning I found them like this 

I of course now have to hide their buckets. Though it is more Huddy he will eat the candy any chance he gets.


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