Polar Express

This year we headed up to the North Pole to see Santa, drink Hot Cocoa, sing songs and Have Fun! This is our second time going J was 2 last time and loved it and of course this time loved it even more. My mom, Angie and her family all went with us. The only downer of the trip was all the Snow. It was one of the worst days Flagstaff had. We had a few scares, especially when our car went fishtailing into oncoming traffic, or when we got stuck on a steep drive. Also on the slick ice I fell flat on my butt while holding Hudson! OWEE !!! But luckily we made it unscathed,  mostly . We had so much fun on the train ride, the kids were all so good and happy. Our hostess on our car was so awesome and fun. 


Even Presley got in on the action

Pretty much every picture of Hudson has him holding his Hot Cocoa. He drank it the whole time. I think he felt very big holding his own cup.
Here they are looking for Santa at the North Pole. 
The whole rest of the time even after Santa came on our Train, Hudson would just stare out the window saying "Santa" 
What a GREAT pic of all of us! at least Ang looks cute
During the Singing portion (which is one of my Favorite parts) Jackson got real into this song. The 12 days of Christmas where there were motions. 
Here he is doing A Partridge in a Pear Tree!

Every year since the first Polar Express,  J asks for a bell for Christmas. 
Hudson so proud of his bell

How Adorable
The Sloans

Could he be any more excited. 
All he wanted to do since we got into Flagstaff was have a snowball fight. We made him wait till we were about to leave home so he wouldn't be so wet and cold. 
He LOVED it, it was just him and Stephen the rest of us stayed in the WARM car. Party Poopers I know.

our car the next morning
Our Little Snow Bunny


Anonymous said...

Critter your the best, i love you to pieces! thank you so much for such a fun and magical night:0)

buddyandsarahaws said...

So fun! I really wish we would have taken the kids. Maybe next year.

Jen Johnson said...

You guys sound like you have the best families! So busy and lots of fun. The polar express is a blast. We've gone! the kids do just love it and it makes christmas so magical when you see their reactions! I am glad you all were safe.
jen j

Suzy Cummard said...

Ahh- how fun.
I love all the cute pics & stories.. the snow- goodness!
Glad you stayed safe.

Kristina said...

my sister went too this year and I swear one year we will actually go....that looks like so much FUN! (I just want to go so I can look like a super cute snow bunny like you though!)