Turkey Days

This year for Thanksgiving we had an Eve and Turkey Day Dinner. 
Thanksgiving Eve was with the Cummards- we ate Lobster and Steak man was it Great. 
All J would talk about for days was the Lobster- he is a Connoisseur of Seafood. 
The next day we drove up to Tonto Basin to share Thanksgiving with my mothers family. We got up early to make some Pumpkin Donuts for Breakfast and then headed up, the only bad part was the rain- I hate going places in the rain. 
I was in charge of carving the Bird. 
Hudson eating of course

Presley Screaming of course
and Jackson throwing his usual tantrum
About a month ago Jackson memorized the family Scripture, 
we told him that he could pick any dessert to have and he picked
PUMPKIN PIE! I have no idea why since I don't know that he has ever even had any. 
So I told him that we would get one for Thanksgiving so everyone could have some. He agreed so we brought it up and he was so excited to have the first Piece. 
Hudson cuddling with cousins all day
Sneaking a pop
J loving on his little sister
The Gospel- without this in my life I know I would not be where I am today with all the blessings that I have 
A husband who provides for his family and loves his children
Jackson- who is so much like his mommy and is such a wonderful big brother and helper
Hudson- who is always sweet and cuddly and loves his brother and sister more than anything
Presley- who makes getting up early all worth it
my Family who are always there for me and love me and my family unconditionally
Friends who make my life so much easier and are uber supportive
a Home
our Ward Family that is so great, loving, and charitable
Our Health- we have been so blessed 
This Great Country- I would never want to live anywhere else