Museum & Light Rail

Last week my mom invited us to the Phoenix Children's Museum, since her work got in free for the week and anyone with them. Since it was in Phoenix we decided to take the new Light Rail. It was so much fun, first we got on the wrong bus and it wasn't moving so we got off that one and onto the right one. We were pretty much all alone on the way there. The boys loved it and just stared out the window the whole way. Hudson was in awe. 

After we got off the Rail we had a short walk to the Museum. It was so awesome, I had never been but I absolutely loved it. There were so many things to do there for all ages. 

They also had an art room with tons of free projects for the kids to do and take home. 
They made clay snowmen.

One of my favorite things was this huge hallway of noodles that you would just run through. 

Another favorite room of mine was the Supermarket with shopping carts and tons of food. With checkout lanes that were exactly like the real thing even the noises.

Hudson felt so big he loved it.
Jackson kept saying that he needed to find the olives. I think he thought he was really buying all of this stuff.

I definitely reccomend going to this museum but it is a bit pricy $9 for ages 1 and up. But it really is so worth it you will love it just as much as your kids. 


Amanda B. said...

Sounds like a fun day! I'll have to try out the light rail sometime...I didn't realize there was one in Phx. That museum is pretty cool! P.S. I noticed that your mom went to the piano bar on Mill. Have you been? It is awesome!

The Tyler's said...

So fun! I'm sad I didn't get an invite..:) I really want to go now. And I have been wanting to take the rail somewhere so that is a good excuse.
Great job on updating! I love all the new posts. It's sad..I don't even know have of those suns players you guys are standing with. And I'm love the green wall post! It looks really good.