Feeding the Ducks

This morning 2 friends showed up for a little snack. Huddy had a great time obliging them. He would yell out " Here Duckie"  while throwing out bread.

Field Day

J had his first Track & Field Day at school, though for the little kids it really is just extended P.E. Stephen was home so we were both able to go and watch, which made J so happy. He had a blast though I am starting to think he has my coordination skills which are sub par to say the least.
Here he is hula hooping, I don't think he made it around more than twice, but look at that face at least he is trying.

Crafty Me

Ok not really. If you know me I am not a crafty person, luckily though I have such crafty Sisters-in-law that it sometimes looks like I've got it too. My sil Heather and I made these super cute onesies for Mele's shower. They turned out great, and now that I know how I can make some for Miss P and my boys. Thanks Hezzie
We had no idea Mele was so into Owl's. This one was a hit.

Spring Days

Oh how I love the days where the weather turns and time outside is something I can not get enough of. Now it is even sweeter, living in a neighborhood where kids are everywhere. A few weeks ago the kids got out the kites. They had a blast running around trying to keep the kite up in the air( it wasn't a very windy day)

What goes up must come down

Love Day

This year for V-day Steve planned it, which is always my favorite. He took me to this awesome restaurant in Scottsdale called Fogo de Chao ( a Brazilian BBQ) I had never been to one, and was a little nervous we really didn't know what to expect. When we got there they told us to help ourselves to the Salad Bar and then the meat would come around when we were ready. There was no menus and no prices so we just went to town since we were paying for it wether we ate it or not. We got a ton of stuff at the salad bar since we thought the only other food was the meat. We were wrong they had these amazing cheese rolls that were like puffs, one of the best rolls ever. They also had mouth watering black beans and rice which is a fav. of mine. The meat was phenomenal and the dessert perfect. I loved it we had a blast. One of the thing we have most in common is our love of many different foods, I love sharing that with him. 

On V-day Stephen came home with these Beautiful Tulips, now for many yrs. Steve would come home with Roses and frankly I am not a rose person but he is getting better. I love Tulips they aren't my fav. but aren't they gorgeous. He did good. Plus he sent me to go get a pedicure for our hot date. I love that man.
The night before V-day we made up J's valentines. He picked the idea from the Family Fun magazine. A bag of teddy Bears, and gummy Bears. With a note saying "Bear Hugs" from Jackson.
Don't worry he also wore that pajama top for his Valentine's shirt.
I am so grateful for the Loves of my life. Each one of them brings so much joy everyday I spend with them. I am so lucky to live with all my best friends and to share my life with them.

I have discovered that the sure fire way to calm a child who's daddy just left for work with his brother is a an Oreo cookie, a BaBa, a Silkie, and of course NEMO. Which is now his favorite movie ever. There is not a morning that goes by that he doesn't watch it, as soon as breakfast is over he hands me the remote and says "Nemo". I can't resist
He looks a little drunk off that milk.

Jam Session

About a month ago Steve was able to take J and Hud  to the NBA All-Star Jam Session with all their cousins (thanks to Uncle Dave) They had a blast 

Meeting Pro Ball players

Can you believe that form- Future NBA Star