Halloween 09

This was probably my favorite Halloween thus far. Living back "in town" is so much better we didn't have to drive in and find a place to "trick or treat".
To kick off the holiday we had our traditional pumpkin carving at Grandma C's. Hudson wasn't really into gutting it. but still had fun. Jackson did it pretty much all by himself. He did a great job of drawing his face on the pumpkin. For Halloween night we had a block party ( which has kind of been my dream since I got married to do a Chili party and then go trick or treating) after that I took all the kids up the street. Hudson had so much fun singing Trick or Treat everywhere, he always made sure both his brother and sister got a candy as well. Presley loved it too running to the door for her piece of candy. Jackson spent the rest of the night on a trailer with all his cousin treating down the neighborhood. While I for the first time got to pass out candy at my own house!

Very intense.

P was trying to get Pres to gut the mini pumpkin since his hands didn't fit. But she was a little wary about that.

The shirt Jackson designed all by himself for Halloween. I messed it up which is why it is hard to see.

Harry Potter

The Flower Fairy
Captain Jack Sparrow

Halloween Day Steve took the boys to the State Fair my my family. Every game that J played he won, he was on a huge roll, my dad couldn't believe it he even one the pop bottle game on the second ring with that one he won this Ginormous Dragon. He won so much stuff( 2 huge plush balls, 2 basketballs, 1 dragon and a wolf) that they had to send the boys in a different car on the way home. Well he loved that dragon but I finally convinced him to sell it, he made $10 and $ 20 for the ball, he gave the wolf to his cousin. As you can see we could not have all that stuff in our house.

Sorting the candy the next day.