I'M Back! Alaska Vacay

Sorry for the Blogging Hiatus, but every time I got on to the new post page my internet would shut down. So I am so seriously behind and not looking forward to catching up so here I go with probably the longest post.
Back in August we went on a week long cruise with my family, we took the boys and left Pres with Lance and Suzy ( who had a blast so much so that she barely wanted me when I came home) So the vacation was perfect I loved every minute of it. The plane ride was the best we have ever taken with the boys they both just sat and watched a movie the whole time. When we got to our room we had a bit of a Wow factor, we had a Penthouse room with balcony and attached mini suites. ( nicest rooms I've ever stayed in ) The whole week we had the most amazing weather never were we freezing and it never rained. It was such a great place the scenery was perfect I hope to go back one day

My bro took this picture in the plane how awesome is it.
My first Limo ride ever, we took Limos everywhere we went since amazingly it was cheaper than any other form of transportation for the lot of us.

The bear that stole our marshmallows after we left. It was so crazy it was so close we were freaking out.

Glacier Bay
Stephen's fish he caught on the mens fishing excursion.
Tepanayki night, way way to much food.
The Beautiful Buchart Gardens ( on the Island of Victoria Canada) the Most Beautiful place I have Ever been to in my life. It is what I hope Heaven is like. We walked around for hours, the guys even loved it.

Seattle fish market

My first taste of Caviar. Thumbs Up
The Spa Treatment I won in the drawing. Holla
Brett got called up on the first night to participate in this little act!
Huddy after a day of face painting at the kids club which he loved.

Bingo- we had some winners Colin & Hezz and my dad.

OMG Peaches- Steve got them and oh were they spectacular

My Gorgeous sister Hayley

Travis catching fish in the stream with his Bare hands. What a mountain man.

Stuffing marshmallows into our faces.
Dogsledding, kind of a scam of an excursion if you ask me the ride was like 10 min. and we were in golf carts, come on.

Feeding the seagulls got us in a lot of trouble with our fellow ship mates but we had fun.
More face painting

Jackson in the middle of one of his tantrums. Yet still posing for a picture.