Every tuesday night I have my grandpa and uncle over for dinner. On this particular night the kids got my grandpa out for some ball.

Here is the Easter Egg hunt for the ward
a rousing game of duck duck goose while the eggs were being hid

patiently waiting

Can you say Ecstatic

Our Sunday Best
For our FHE activity one night we Jackson wanted to make "Egg Babies"
( after he saw the neighbors with some)
as soon as presley got her's she accidentally squeezed it to death.

yes Jackson requested this picture


The Tyler's said...

Sadie had that same green dress that Pres has on for Sunday. And if I'm not mistaken, you got it for her. Did you buy two? It was one of my favs!
Loving the pic of Jackson holding the egg like a baby.
Have fun at Bunko this week...win something fun for me! Maybe I'll get to sub while I'm there!!