March Madness

This month was definitely packed full of FUN!

For FHE during Spring Break the Cummards went out to Fountain Hills for a picnic dinner.
The kids had a blast feeding the ducks and chasing after them and playing with their cousins.

Pres of course enjoyed her dinner.
notice the fountain in the background

At Home Depot one day they had a kids free planting time.
The boys loved it, Jackson is so into planting things and watching them grow.

I took they boys out to dinner and a movie at the Picture show to see the Squeekquel! It was a little crazy and Jackson almost lost it during dinner but all in all it was a lot of fun spending quality time with the boys and they did so well during the movie. Hudson wouldn't stop eating the popcorn, I was worried he was going to get a tummy ache so I finally took it away from him.

A couple of weeks ago the Cummard family goats had some babies. My babies were able to watch the miracle of life, they thought it was pretty cool.

Here is Pres getting her cheese on
Hudson loving the baby goat to death
I had the camera out and this little gal made her way over to get in a picture.

Here is Pres sneaking food to the prisoner aka Jackson in time out.

grandpa bob playing golf with the kids


The Tyler's said...

Looks like some fun times! How fun that you took the two older kids to the movies. I should totally do that.

Where on earth did you get that stinkin cute shirt for Pres on St.Patty's day???