Our month so far

Every year my kids favorite thing to do in the month of December is our Advent Calendar. For the first year I mainly put candy in the boxes and a couple of things to do that month. But they loved the activities so much that now that is what we do. Every day has a different "activity" that is related to the season. Here are some of the first things we did.

the kids get to paint an ornament every year, they love this and always look for theirs the next year.

Temple Lights

Christmas Countdown
years past we have had one chain, which didn't seem to go over very well. So this year each kid got their own. They love pulling one off every night.
Letters to Santa
( the day after this I found the cutest templates for a Santa letter, I'll have to wait till next year.)

We have had so many great times so far and have so many more to look forward to. I think the reason I love Christmas so much is all the stuff leading up to it. There is so much family time, fun activities, talk of our savior. happiness, sweet music, yummy food and oh so much more.


angie said...

so cute! I want to see your Christmas pics!