Virginia Beach

My mom and I took a girls trip over to Virginia Beach this past weekend to visit my oldest friend Jill Tyler and her fam. It was such an fun trip, we spent the first day at Colonial Williamsburg enjoying the crisp fall weather, shopping and of course amazing food.

Jill told us about this place that has AMAZING Hot Cocoa, and she was right it was Amazing even the homemade marshmallow inside was to die for.
Here is Jill dipping it into her Hot Chocolate ( or what we like to call the cup of melted chocolate)!
While this is one of the most extraordinary cups of Cocoa I have ever had, you must not drink one all by yourself after about the 8th sip or so it's overwhelming richness makes you want to chuck it! I know it sounds weird but both Jill and I had the exact same reaction and couldn't even make it through a 1/3 of the cup. Anyways if you do happen to make it out to Williamsburg hit up this place and see for yourself.
The Blue Talon
We had so much fun shopping at all the cutest shops. We practically made camp in Williams Sonoma to keep trying their free samples of Cider and Pumpkin Bread. Truly the BEST!!!!

Both Jill and I have both been wanting to try these delicious looking Apple Pie Caramel Apples off The Girl Who Ate Everything .
We both aren't the best "candy makers" but we gave it a try.

Jill doing her special "tap" technique to get the excess caramel off.

"I am so proud of Me!"
We ran out of sticks so the knife made do.
Mixing up the white chocolate
adding the cinnamon sugar
Ours didn't turn out quite as perfect as hers, but oh freaking my they were MMMMMM Good!
I don't know exactly how many we ate, lets just say the kids didn't get much.
Will I make these again, Yes indeedy!

While we were there the Tyler's took us to the famous Wood Chicks BBQ, who won the Throwdown with Bobby Flay for their pork sandwich and is also on Pit Masters.
Well BBQ Pork sandwiches are one of my many food weakness and I couldn't wait to try it
I apologize that I ate it too fast and was unable to take a picture. But I will tell you it Rocked! So if you have a chance please stop in to Wood Chicks.

Thanks for a GREAT time Tyler's you fed us well!


The Tyler's said...

Seriously, I cringe when I look at that first pic.
I really need to post about this trip! It's next in line.