It was my families on year this year, so we headed up to Tonto Basin to get together with the whole fam. ( well almost the whole fam. It was great weather and the kids had a blast playing in the tree, playing catch and most of all shooting guns. We don't come from a family that shoots but my grandma's husband's family is into it so they showed us the ropes. Steve did great but the rest of us struck out. We still had fun anyway.
This is basically how it is every time Stephen has food, the kids like birds huddled around him with their mouths open.
My gorgeous Grandma
Jackson going back for multiple helpings of pie.
Climbing in the Awesome Mulberry tree

My most precious blessings.

Kicking it in the back of the car
What a natural!

I have so many things to be Thankful for, I am truly blessed.
My Heavenly Father who loves me
My Savior Jesus Christ
My Husband
My children
The restored Gospel
The Scriptures
My family
My friends
My home
My job
My car
and about a million more.
This Thanksgiving was one of many reminders of my blessings, and I am so Thankful for that.


The Tyler's said...

Not too sure about the lobster fest...I would have to stick with the sides.
Your Thanksgiving looked super fun! My Dad would be so proud of you shooting a gun!!