While I was waiting for my flight to Salt Lake I saw this girl and was thinking she is so pretty I wonder if she is nice. I was thinking this since I had the baby and was all by myself, I was wishing I knew someone in the airport that was nice and I could trust so I could like go to the bathroom and stuff since I didnt have a stroller I was just toting Hudson in the bjorn. Anyways she walks by me and we look at eachother and she is like Crystal and I said McKenzie. (Sometimes you can just remember someones name when you just say it fast) well it was a girl I was friends with in second grade who I have only seen like once since then. Crazy I know,well we talked the whole flight she is an Attorney, how awesome it is so crazy when someone is the same age as you and had done all of this amazing stuff with their life, and I didnt graduate college. But we all have our paths and I love having kids. She is such a fun girl and we had so many friends in common. She helped me out the whole flight and it was great. I love running into old friends.I hope to see her again sometime.


Suzy Cummard said...

Your mom goes to college.

The Wilkins' said...

Good one Suzy - I laughed out loud on that one!

Crystal, so crazy that you say McKenzie - and she's an attorney!? WOW! Puts the rest of us to shame, eh? I work for an attorney, does that count? Hope you're enjoying Utah! Tell Shea Lea congrats for me!