Well I am back from good old Provo. It was a blast I got to spend time with Lee & Sarah and see Shea Lea get married. Lee & Sarah had a chance to watch Hudson for half a day. They did good I think they are ready to have their little boy. Sarah looks so freaking cute her belly is just a little basketball, and she is so skinny everywhere else. On Sat. they took Hudson to the pool while I was at the wedding and Sarah told me everyone was staring at her so she kept saying things like "When is your mommy going to get back" real loud so people would know he wasn't hers. She is too funny! My all time favorite place to go in Utah is Magleby's Fresh for their all you can eat pancakes and french toast, with buttermilk syrup(the best I have ever had) but Sarah talked me into going to a new place she had discovered called Needers. Well they dont have the best syrup but their Chunky Cinnamon French Toast is THE BEST, plus you get fresh whip cream and strawberries with your meal. Definitely a place to check out. Sarah also told me the funniest thing I have ever heard. That at BYU people take their KIDS to classes with them. I seriously did not believe her at first. I couldn't imagine being in class with little kids running around. How on earth could you focus on the class or get anything accomplished. If I had taken Jackson to class when he was 1 years old I would have had to drop out. Well BYU is quite the school Honor Code and all. I want to say thank you to Lee and Sarah for hosting me this weekend they made my trip great, you guys were right to I had PLENTY of time to spare at the airport. Love you, can't wait to see the baby!
Here are some pics of the trip!


Suzy Cummard said...

Crystal, I wish I was there. Sounds like it was so much fun. I hope you felt better the whole time.
Sarah looks good. I hope the baby is getting enough to eat, so he doesn't come out tiny...like LEE!

The Tyler's said...

She looks like Haley.

Mike & Stephanie Wright said...

I wish that I could have seen you in Utah. I sure that you were busy. I am glad that you had a nice time. It was a beautiful weekend up here.

Ginger John said...

Your long long hair is absolutely gorgeous. I want it...:-)

Anonymous said...

Oh girl yeah KNEADERS is the best place to eat breakfast in Provo, after I discovered that place I would beg Ben to go with me every Saturday!