Happy Fathers Day Daddy

Where do I start. First of all I am a Daddy's Girl. I have always had a close relationship with my dad, and have so many great memories to look back on.
1. When I was younger my dad was the coach of our softball team for many years. I remember him saying that if we hit a ball over the fence of the retention basin then he would take us to disneyland. (Well noone ever did). He would also say that if we broke a window we would get ice cream.
2. My brothers and sister and I were absolutely terrible when my parents would take us out for dinner. So they told us that we were not allowed to go out together for a year. So instead we got one on one dates. I remember my dad taking me to a trampoline land. I loved it.
3. Another time my dad took me and my brother rollerblading around ASU. So much fun by the way.
My dad was has the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know. You had to protect your food with your life at our house. He will eat off of anyones plate. He was also constantly hiding treats. Which he still does to this day. My dad always says I am not GREAT at anything but I am good at EVERYTHING. Which he truly believes.One thing he is, is giving. He is so generous to everyone. My dad is so much fun and is always living in the moment. He loves to enjoy life in the here and now. Always taking trips, buying fun things for us to enjoy. Growing up I got to go to so many neat places. I want to thank him for all that he does for me and for the person he helped me become. I know my dad loves me and will always be there for me and my kids. He is such a great grandpa and is constantly calling me to bring the boys over. Course before I had kids he wanted me to come over too, now he will settle for just the boys.


Lynsey said...

Even though non of us hit the ball over the fence he still should have taken us to Disney Land, I totally remember that!! Ohh and the ice cream, even though we didn't break a window I still think we got our fair share of ice cream!! Your dad was coolest coach!