Baby Tilley

My sister-in-law Kanoe had her fourth baby a girl Tilley Keala Cummard born May 26th 8lbs 5oz 20inches all natural (way to go Kanoe). I have only seen pictures so far but she is gorgeous dark hair and all she looks just like her mama. Congrats Kanoe. Click here for pics of Tilley and her family.


Suzy Cummard said...

I finally got a minute to go hold sweet Tilley. Yes, it is true! She has lots of BLACK hair. She is so cute.
I asked her who the dad was, & she chuckled & responded "Who's the mom of all my other kids?". After that I checked out her feet & they are long & skinny, so I KNOW she must really be a Cummard!!
If she gives permission, I want to post a picture.

The Wilkins' said...

So great that one of Kanoe's kids finally looks like her! Hopefully the dark hair will stay!

Brittney Smith said...

Congrats to Kanoe! That is great! Quincy blonde and Tilley dark. How cute!

Ginger John said...

Yeah so exciting. She is a gorgeous baby. And wow brave Kanoe props for adding a fourth. I think I am stuck on three for a while :)