My B-Day

Yesterday was my Birthday, which I am sure many of you already know since I have some great friends( Kanoe, Suzy & Jill) who did such wonderful posts about my b-day! Thanks guys! It started off a little rough, I woke up with Hudson at 6 am and stayed up with him till 8, I usually don't go back to sleep but I was super tired and well it was my birthday. So about an hour into my sleep the phone rang 3 times then a 4th , my mom left a message then it rang again, so I decided it was time to get up. It was Syd calling to wish me a Happy Birthday. After that I made homeade waffles, eggs and sausage for myself since there was no one else to do it, and I love a good breakfast. Jackson had school in the afternoon so Steve and I weren't able to go out for lunch. After school I met Angie at the spec home in Agritopia that she just bought. It was so cute, if we can sell our house I hope to move into the spec next door. It was nice to hang out with her for a little bit. Then Stephen called and had me meet him so he could give me his present. He got me a Pineapple core slicer, a manicure and money to Junky Trunk. He took the boys so I could got get my manicure and go shopping before dinner with my dad. My mom came with me I bought a couple of shirts from the botique and then got my nails done. It was so nice having a break from the kids. My dad took us out to Ruths Chris, it was our first time going. I absolutely loved it, I see why they can charge so much for the food, it is incredible. We got Lobster Bisque, Ceasar Salad, Barbeque Shrimp, Filet, and Creme Brule, it was amazing. I told my dad that I wanted money for my birthday so I could put it towards a camera I wanted to buy, instead he suprised me with the camera! It was so great, I love my dad he is such a generous guy. When we got back to my dad's Hudson was asleep on the couch and Jack was still up playing ( he had found his second wind poor Rachel) It was a great Day, thanks to all the wonderful friends and family I have.

Huge Sale!

Junky Trunk Boutique is having a Tailgate Party with some great new stylish ASU gear, alot of real cute clothes on Sale. Come support Junky Trunk tonight from 7-9 P.M. in the Bashas center on Val Vista and Southern ( back by Name Brand Exchange). They have great stuff, you will not be dissapointed.


Family Photo

The last time we took a Cummard family photo was in Newport Beach in 2005, I still had braces and Jackson was not yet 2. Well I think I came close to tears that day, the whole time Jackson was fighting the camera. Completeley determined not to smile during the picture or even look at the camera. I thought why is my child so naughty. Cheryl kept reminding me "that it's age appropriate" which is her favorite saying when the cousins are acting up. In all the pictures Jackson is unhappy. He has gotten better over they years, though sometimes he still hates getting his picture taken. On Monday he was being a little heathen all day which I thought was a bad omen for the pictures later that night. Well turns out I was right. From the first picture he started screaming and running away, refused to sit down, look and the camera or smile at all. I have no idea why he continued to progress the evening, that is only because he no longer was standing by us but with his cousins that he adores. We decided not to take individual family pics, since at the end he was soaked and still on One. Hopefully the photographer got a few good shots. I hope it goes better next time.Luckily Hudson was being awesome, not a peep from him, except when Ellie tried to pick the scab off of his nose. Guess she thought it was a bug or something. Here is one snapshot I took where Jackson is actually smiling. Do I not have the cutest neices and nephews and kids ever!

Bass Pro Shop

Well I have heard so many great things about Bass Pro Shop, that it is a fun place to take kids and really neat for adults as well. I've got to say I was a little dissapointed, it was a alright but nothing I need to do again. Course I think most of my dislike stems from the fact that dinner was a nightmare. I guess that is to be expected when you have two 3 year old boys sitting next to eachother at a restaurant. Jill and Noah came also shared the night with us ,hopefully it wasn't as stressful for them. Dinner was fun though we did get to try Alligator, which does taste a lot like chicken. Jackson and Brody loved it. We checked out the fish in the tanks, did some rifle practice and putted some golf balls. All while chasinig Jackson around the HUGE store. The best part of the evening was Noah at every turn saying how much things they had were worth, everything was $100,000- the fish, the guns. It was pretty funny.

Birthday Breakfast

Tilley and Baby Casey were also in attendance

Every year on our birthdays my sisters-in-law all go out to eat. Summer's and my birthday are ten days apart so we decided to go to breakfast together to Crackers (my favorite place for breakfast and lunch) It was totally great even though I went a little overboard with the food. My mom and sister came so we all got something that sounded good and I believe I ate the most. It was nice to have everyone there for once. Since my mother-in-law works and Sarah lives in Provo, we aren't all together very often. It was a great time, thanks everyone for coming.


First Day of Preschool

Here he is my little boy on his first day of school. He was so excited to go to preschool today. He woke up at 8:00 which is unprecedented and was asking to go right then. But he is in afternoon class so we had awhile. Stephen's new day off is Monday's so he was there this morning, Jackson was a little anxious but we finally made it.

Happy Happy Birthday Summer

It is my sister in law Summer's 30th B-day today. She is such a great sister, she is such a peacemaker. Summer is never one to gossip or play catty girl games which makes hanging out with her that much more fun. I am so glad she is in our family, she definitely makes it more fun. One of the best things about Summer is that she is taller than me, I love that! Happy Birthday Summer we love you!


My Love!

Stephen is nothing else if not a hard worker. He gets up at 2:30 in the a.m. and works 2 jobs and comes home around 6:30 everyday. Yesterday after work he did a bit of grocery shopping, came home and mowed the lawn and then he made a wonderful dinner for me ( with the help of Jack). I was in awe, I almost felt a little guilty for not doing anything, but it doesn't happen usually but once a year on mother's day that he makes dinner, so I just sat back and watched. It was a wonderful meal Shrimp stirfry with rice and Koolaid. I am truly lucky to have a such a great guy who takes care of his families needs and always shows them how much he loves us. I love you babe.

He likes it!

I have been giving Hudson different combinations of food for a while, rice cereal, bananas, rice cereal mixed with fruit, sweet potatoes. Needless to say he was not a fan, he didn't seem to care for anything too much. But lately he has suddenly started to like it, course he only likes the fruit with rice cereal, no green beans or carrots (though I am trying). Though now our dinners are a little louder, if you stop giving him a bite even for a second he starts in on his high pitched scream! I am just glad he likes it. Since he is now only on formula.

Little Chef

Everytime I make dinner, or anything for that matter, Jackson is right there trying to do it with me. He loves to do everything, especially crack the eggs, which I always try to talk him out of. So the other day we make his fav. Shrimp and fish tacos, I told him he was my little chef and he said I'm not Ratatouille! Then he had to put on an apron. The meal was a success, and he stole all the shrimp so Stephen and I were left with the fish tacos.

Photo Op

So when Jackson was about 5 or 6 mo. I took some pictures of him with this cute outfit I had gotten but that he had never worn since it wasn't cold enough for it. Well it turned out that one of the pics I took ended up being one of my fav. pictures of Jackson. So since I still had that outfit and it had still never been worn I tried to get a similar picture of Hudson in it. Course since it is the summer I decided to do the picture indoors for fear that he might get heat exhaustion outside. Do you think they look alike?

Take your son to work day

O.k. well it is not actually take your son to work day but this last Monday Stephen took Jackson to work with him and he was so excited. He put on his Bros Systems shirt and packed a lunch. Course they came back around noon and decided that they were going to go golfing. Men! Course when they got to the range they were told they needed collared shirts son instead Stephen bought Jackson some clubs and the teed off (sp?) at our house. Jackson is a natural he may even become the next Tiger Woods, if Stephen has anything to say about it.



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My Jackson boy

Most of you who know Jackson know he is also Zilla, which refers to his more wild and crazy side. At times he can drive me to the point of insanity. Then sometimes he makes me more happy than I could ever imagine being. The other night he came up to me and asked me if I wanted a massage, and then massaged my shoulders and feet. Even though sometimes he is a little to rough with baby brother most of the time he is the best big brother I have ever seen. He constantly follows him around making sure he is ok. He is completely elated everytime Hudson gives him a smile and will do anything that Huddy does. Hudson is how I get Jackson to put on lotion do his hair, wear certain clothes and so on. Things he would put up the hugest fights about before, as long as Hudson does it so will he. I think Jackson got out of his room 15 times tonight before he finally fell asleep. At around the 10th time I was close to loosing it, which is probably why he ran out and just gave me a hug and kiss, and well I am a sucker for that.


Come be the She of She's Got It All


The things they say

While driving home last night Jackson said "look there's our church, let go there" I said why " because I am hungry" I said they don't have any food, he said " Yeah water and bread". Sad I know, I do feed him, but the truth is one of his favorite snacks to eat is a piece of bread. He sometimes wakes up in the morning and asks if he can have a piece of bread for breakfast. Later that night he fell asleep on the bed with Stephen so I carried him to bed and turned off the hall light since he was already sleeping. 1 minute later he was back in my room telling me I forgot to leave the light on, then he made me carry him back to bed like he was sleeping again and pretended he was. He makes me laugh.


My Baby

Well Huddy is getting older by the second. A couple of days ago he started crawling the right way, well sometimes he still does it army style. He is now all over the house and gettting into everything. I missed this stage and am loving it. The best thing is that he is not longer so clingy, I can leave the room without a major meltdown. He went for his 6 month checkup this last week and weighed in at 15lbs 5 oz and 28 inches long, right on track. Dr. Lafe also thinks he may have an undergoround hermangioma(sp?), we are going for an ultrasound to make sure. If it is that then they dont really affect the baby and it usually goes away by age 1.


Happy BIRTH day to Marley Peay

Congrats, Congrats Jules has had her baby. A girl Marley Peay born at 6:59 a.m weighing in at 8lbs 1 oz. with super dark hair. I was able to see her today and man is she a cutie, she was so content the whole time just looking around never making a peep till I brought out the camera. Jules did great and looks fantastic, mommy and baby are doing well. Cant wait till Jules starts a blog so we can see more pics of the little beauty. Congrats again to Julie and Ben

Our very own river

After the massive rain the other day, most of our neighborhood had flooded and some of the lots had parts that washed away. But thanks to our fantastic grater Hurley our house had a perfectly streamed river going straight out to Judd. Jackson was so excited about the rain he asked to put on his rain coat so he could go out in it. When it stopped Stephen and Jack went out to play in the river. It was a great day, I absolutely LOVE monsoon season. Can't wait till the next rainy day



This last week we went to Newport Beach, California with the Cummards. Every year we rent out a beach house, and this year Stephen came and stayed the whole time. Which he hasn't done for a couple of years, so it made it that much more fun.

To start out our trip Stephen wanted to bleach his hair like he used to, so he bought the stuff and the lady told him he needed to add the cream to (even though he swears that last time he did it he just used water) so he mixed it up and applied it himself as well as to Jackson. After the 30 minutes was up the rinsed off and it was horrendous. The looked like lepoards. So we had to do it again, the second time he decided to use just water, and he would still not let me apply it. After that time not a change, it was completely the same. So we had to do it AGAIN. This time I convinced him to let me do it and to use the cream, well we finally got it right.
We spent most of the time at the beach, the weather was fantastic only one super hot day, the water was also great, except for the fact that everyone kept finding sting rays.

Here are all the cousins playing in a hole on the beach

All the babies getting soaked in their Bumbos so sad!
Hudson's first day on the beach

Quincy, Molly & Jackson his first day getting in the water. The whole first half of the week he wouldn't let the water get any further than his knees. Good thing the girls showed him what was up
Conway & Jackson
Jackson did alot of soul searching
Nice face
Rachel & Hudson
Finally getting in those waves. He didn't start this till the last day. Hopefully next year he gets right in the first day
He survived

On Tuesday night Summer,Kanoe,Suzie,Andy,Jason, Stephen and I all took a trip down to Les Deux a frequent celeb hot spot. As we were driving up we spotted a ton of paparazi at a nearby restaurant so we slowed to see who it was, and pulling out was Paris Hilton in shotgun in a Silver Range Rover. We couldn't believe it. We jumped out of the cars and started screaming( we got a little too excited) but we didnt expect to see anyone, then we saw her drive back our way so we tried to follow but lost her. So we continued on to the club. It happened that it was a fashion show that night so they were only letting in VIP. So we continued to stalk out the scene to see if we could spot any more celebs. Stephen and & I took a walk around the block and I saw this guy who looked so farmiliar just walking alone, I couldn't get a front look so I just kept on going. When we got back to Les Deux he was there just hanging around, I still couldn't place him. Then he started talking to the bouncer and he was all get over here. Finally I saw him head on and it was one of my FAVORITE WB alums 7th Heaven, and October Road's Geoff Stults. I couldn't believe it, I just wished I had recognized him earlier so I could have talked to him.

My favorite thing about any trip would definitely be the FOOD, and California is one of my favorite places to eat, I have my spots that I always hit, and I always try to try some new stuff. I love Janes Corn Dogs, Marios( the best grilled chicken salads), Chronic Tacos, and El Torito. I tried El Toritos Fire Roasted Tomato soup this time and it was the best soup I have ever had. This year I was able to try Lawry's( a prime rib place that was fantastic) and Sprinkles. We arrived at Sprinkles 10 min. till it closed and there were only 3 flavors left so we got all of them and they were pretty good. I loved the Carrot Cake. I just wished I had gotten to try more flavors.

The 2 funniest things on the trip would be when my Nephew Talbot (3yrs) fell asleep on the toilet and day later Ellie(3 yrs) fell asleep posing in the tub. So you can only imagine how hard the kids were playing.

Here are some more random pictures of the trip
Jack & Stephen on the bike
Summer flipping me off while I am trying to get a picture of the man serenading us outside our beach house
Anthony & Jack
The possum hanging out around the beach house ( he died later that week)
Beach Bodies