Happy 27th Julio!

It is Julie Kaleolani Meadows Peay's B-day today. We went to Red Robin on Monday to celebrate, which was quite a the good time. I think during the lunch each kid took their turn of being naughty or throwing a tantrum, which was fun for all those around us. Good thing it was noisy in there, and the mess we left, SAD!
Here are some things I love about JULES
1. she is HI-larious, especially when she is using a carefully chosen WORD.
2. She is always trying to please everyone.
3. She is so very smart, and is now a NURSE. I am so proud.
4. She knows how to SCAM like the best of them.
5. She is a TRUE friend, no matter how far away she was or how long we went without talking I always felt just as close to her.

Here are some things that remind me of Jules and the GOOD TIMES

1. Golfish, and O.J. for lunch
2. KBG dates
3. Brandon Tackett
4. I HATE YOU! 1 2 3
5. The D
6. San Fransisco
7. DYE my DATE
8. Sleepovers!!! couldn't hate them more.
9. Face Hickeys
10. Jules of Wisdom-Sorry
11. KZZP Summer Kickoff 2000, featuring Enrique Inglesias, Vitamin C, Melissa Etheridge
12. DM
and a million more, Thanks for being such a good friend and for all of your support. I am so glad you are a mommy and finally live down here so we can hang out. Can't wait to see your BLOG!
Here are some pics from the past since I finally know how to work my scanner.


The Tyler's said...

I don't think I have ever seen so many speedo's in one sitting before!! That pic is halarius.
Happy Birthday Julie!
Crystal, great job with the early christmas decor! Can you come help me do mine?....I'm serious!

Suzy Cummard said...

I just saw your last post.
I can relate! Ellie kept saying "mom, you look so beautiful when you are making our house so cute"... O.K.!!!
She was so excited she said random things like this about a million times!
Their age is so fun!

I loved this post. What a good friend.
Jules is so pretty & fun.

(I loved all the speedo's, too!! How old were you in that picture? You look like 10 years old or somethin'!)

Suzy Cummard said...

Are you sure you are not gonna come to the TURKEY TROT with me & Sarah?
Spend the night! HA HA


Cute pictures Crystal! I was just reading about Jackson's stiches. OMG what the heck! I can't believe he has had three episodes like this and he's four. Well, you know who's gonna keep you on your toes for the rest of your life! LOL!!
Hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Marley Girls said...

that is hilarious! u have the best memory EVER, I just took a delightful stroll down memory lane! thanks critter, here's to many more birthday's!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jules! Those pictures are so Nerdy I love them all!

The Wilkins' said...

Happy Bday Jules! I love this post Crystal - definitely a walk down memory lane and a great laugh. The pictures are hilarious. I love that you still have the Christmas card from Jules & Meggs!

Lynsey said...

Crystal you will never believe what I am going to tell you? We had thanksgiving at Jim Aunts house, we have been there a million times but mostly at night so I never really paid attention to where we were. Well yesterday when we were walking to our car I kept looking back like the house looked so familiar I couldn't figure it out but then it hit me like a load of bricks. His Aunt and Uncle live in your old house the blue one. I still can't believe it, every time I think about it I laugh because seriously I was either at your house or Jills all the time and I didn't put two and two together until now. It looks so different inside thats probably why I didn't recongize it. When did you guys move out? Where did you move to? Crazy Crazy Crazy!!!!

Jenna said...

Crystal is that your speedo and shorts you are wearing, or are they mine. I have the exact same outfit on in Rockypoint when I was engaged to Damon. That is so funny. Speedos were the best swimsuits ever back in the day! Happy Late Birthday Jules!

chris+amber said...

Happy BELATED birthday, Jules. We all have good memories of her. She rocks! What would we have done without Speedos? Thanks to Layers, Shade, etc. there are much more fashionable & modest swimsuits for us girls!