Hey it is the last botique for She's Got It All before Christmas so make sure you come on down. It is at the same place as all the rest. There will be awesome decor for your home plus great gifts for everyone else.


Cummards said...

I'm not good at spelling, but for some reason I feel like 'botique' it supposed to be 'boutique'? But I really have no idea. I"m just trying to give myself a little bit of credit for thinking Huddy was only 16 inches long!

Sarah's Nonsense said...

My sister ordered an apron from She's Got it all and it was so cute!

Suzanne Cummard said...

Obsessed with your toes!! Where was that place again?
Can I copy that someday? Oh my! I love that!

Thanks for the advertising! We appreciate it!!

Just read Sarah's comment!
I love it. I am laughing so hard!

Umm, is Jacksom better? Are we trying for Monday? I will call you!!!

Mary Ann said...

Wish I was in town. I missed you like 3 times last weekend. We were out of town! Call me!

Scott, Emilie, and Sterling said...

Hey, I left my email as a reply on my own page so that others could see it, but then I realized you might not come back to look (so dumb -- I completely forgot to include it in the first place lol) so here it is: auntyemi@hotmail.com

I'd love to get your address so that I can send you guys a card!! Hope your holidays are going well --


The Cummard Family said...

I need you to come help me with my cricut....it's still in the box, and I wanted to try using it for my christmas cards. We might have a "late nighter" at MY house this weekend, if you want to come work on anything.

Heather Rogers said...

I was there but you hadn't come yet. I got some real cute stuff!!

Cummards said...

Hey I need your address. We are about to mail out our Christmas cards. Oh and by the way Lee's phone works fine. Luckily...he would have been lost without it! And everyone else would have been happy because he is ALWAYS doing something on the phone, talking/texting/'calculating'.

Clay's gal said...

Who needs a highschool reunion when you have blogs! Lindsey(Reed)Jeppsen here!How are you? This week I've "blogged" with Katie Hall & Megan Price now Crystal Ruttinger!It's so fun to see what everyone is up too. Your boys are so cute! Aren't they fun! I have 3 boys that keep me laughing constantly. Anyways you look great,hope you have a wonderful Christmas!-Lindsey Jeppsen