Haircuts from Grandma

It has been getting harder to get Hudson to sit still during a haircut, so I thought I would let Grandma give it a try since she is way more experienced than me. It wasn't so bad but it did take the help of Uncle LaLa and a sucker.

Baby Coen

A couple of weeks ago my brother Colin & his wife Heather had their first Baby! This is the first cousin born on my family's side so I am so excited finally a cousin for my kids to play with. He is so adorable and just the tiniest thing he weighed only 6lbs 3 0z and was only 2 days early. He looks just like Colin and is perfect.


Father's Day

My husband LOVES Cereal, and I don't mean he just wants it for breakfast, he would choose it for dinner probably 8/10 and if not for dinner than an appetizer or snack. So it did not surprise me when he chose that for his Father's Day Breakfast in Bed. J made him a huge card that he was so proud of, and for the first time ever even got up in church with the rest of the primary kids to sing their dad songs. Course he practically hid behind the pulpit and I don't think he sang much but it is a start. We also sat in the comfortable seats for the first time ever, and well I loved it Hud wasn't running around J sat so quietly, it was such a more pleasant experience, guess we are going to have to be early every week.
sharing his cereal, what a great dad

Catch Up

Huddy- loves trying on shoes 

and all of my head bands 
and he LOVES to brush his teeth, especially when anyone of us is. He will walk around just brushing his teeth, it is so adorable.
Here is J in the Mohawk daddy let him get a couple of weeks ago, yes weeks. He LOVES it and I don't exactly know how to get him to shave it. Luckily it is summer.


Our very own Peaches

When we moved in a couple of years ago we planted a ton of fruit trees, Oranges, Lemon, Lime, Pomegrante, Peach, Grapefruit, & Plum. Last year all of the peaches and plums, and most of our garden got eaten by the rabbits and birds, so we thought. This year we had a ton of peaches and again they were all getting eaten as well as the garden. One day one Steve was out looking at the trees he saw a "Rat" ( we don't know what exactly they are they might be prairie dogs) up the tree and we realized that they are what is eating everything so we put out a bunch of pellets. But the damage had already been done they had eaten nearly all the peaches from the peach trees. So Steve picked the ones they hadn't gotten to and let them ripen the rest of the way on the counter. They were the absolute best peaches and plums I have ever had. I just hope next year we can get those pesky things before they eat up all our food again.

Cabin Fun

A couple of weeks ago we went to the cabin. Now I am not a roughing it kind of gal, and I know a cabin isn't really roughing it but it is for me. But I go because J loves it, and now so does Huddy. Course this particular time I think I would not have gone if I had known how miserable I would be in the Cold! The only great weather we got in the Valley and we decide ( well actually Kanoe talks me into) going to the cabin where it is FREEZING! The first 2 days were pretty miserable, oddly enough the kids didn't mind the cold and rain and still played all day outside. During the nights Grandma C would get out the play dough and let the kids go at it. It wasn't all bad for me playing games and eating great food is definitely 2 of my fav. things to do.